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Asso99 seasons end match race BYC

In typical autumn weather - at the beginning drizzle and northwest wind, but then Saturday and Sunday dream weather - we could with 7 internationally staffed teams, for a long time again a match race on Lake Starnberg to life and sail through the complete program. The 4 boats were raffled and changed after every 2 races to offer fair conditions.

Asso99 is as a very light and maneuverable boat a challenge for the whole crew of 6. As a result, the Asso inspires many former dinghy sailors as it is planing and with 3 trapeze people, everyone is always challenged instead of being live ballast as on some other boats.

There were exciting and close races. As practice progressed, the battles became more intense. Particularly pleasing was the all-women's crew, reinforced with top young sailors from BYC. They became increasingly faster and won their last two races against the boat Italy. The overall winner was the crew of the reigning European champion of the ace class, from Hungary András Sárközy ahead of Benjamin Gleich and Luitpold Prinz von Bayern.

The organization on the water and on land was exemplary. Perfect race management under Thomas Klug, the internationally experienced referees on the water Peter Möckl and Angela Stenger as well as Eberhard Fischer-Brandies who supported the event with words and deeds.

It is best to let pictures speak for themselves.

We are looking forward to next year at the end of October 2022!

Best regards,

Luitpold Prince of Bavaria


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